Become a C-Pace Contractor

Contractors and engineers that specialize in energy efficiency upgrades, water conservation projects, or renewable energy systems for commercial buildings can leverage the MTPACE program to gain new sales opportunities.

MTPACE is an innovative program that provides commercial property owners low-cost financing for up to 100% of the capital required to complete substantial energy and water improvement projects. This means new business opportunities for C-PACE contractors to implement large-scale, comprehensive upgrades—instead of patching up old equipment or installing temporary solutions.

If you are interested in becoming a contractor for C-PACE projects, reach out to the Authority today.

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Contractors typically assist property owners with completing applications and obtaining proper approvals from MTPACE. Professional services firms including contractors, installers, engineers and project managers are encouraged to register with MTPACE to share their firm’s information.

Visit the Program Guidelines for an overview of the development process and financing approval.

To register as a MTPACE Contractor, please reach out to the Authority here (contact info)

Projects Eligible for C-PACE Financing

MTPACE is available to eligible commercial and industrial property owners in participating communities. The program supports the redevelopment of existing buildings, as well as new construction projects.

Please note that new construction projects require additional verification and documentation of energy savings above a baseline, as detailed in the Program Guidelines.

All building owners of eligible properties located within a C-PACE District may participate in C-PACE financing. “Eligible properties” include commercial, industrial, non-profit, and multi-family residential properties with four or more dwelling units. Government and residential property are not eligible properties.

Qualified Improvements

C-PACE financing may be used to pay for qualified improvements to eligible properties. Qualified improvements are permanent improvements intended to decrease water or energy consumption or demand, including a product, device, or interacting group of products or devices on the customer’s side of the meter that use energy technology to generate electricity, provide thermal energy, or regulate temperature. Products or devices that are not permanently fixed to real property are not considered to be qualified improvements.

The following items may constitute qualified improvements:

  • High efficiency heating, ventilating and air conditioning (“HVAC“) systems
  • High efficiency chillers, boilers, and furnaces
  • High efficiency water heating systems
  • Energy management systems and controls
  • Distributed generation systems
  • High efficiency lighting system upgrades
  • Building enclosure and envelope improvements
  • Water conservation and wastewater recovery and reuse systems
  • Combustion and burner upgrades
  • Heat recovery and steam traps
  • Water management systems and controls (“indoor and outdoor”)
  • High efficiency irrigation equipment
  • Solar energy systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Any contractor or project developer may work on a MTPACE project, according to the requirements set forth in the Program Guidelines. Contractor Registration is a short process and is available here. (link these)

Yes, C-PACE projects can qualify and receive additional rebates and incentives from utility providers and other sources. C-PACE borrowers are encouraged to obtain all applicable government, utility provider or manufacturer rebates, and other upfront cost reductions to reduce the total project cost for purposes of calculating the amount of the C-PACE loan.

Applicants must submit an Energy Assessment or Renewable Energy Feasibility Study for the C-PACE project that evaluates the proposed improvements to be financed, and is consistent with the requirements in the Program Guidelines.  Projects must be shown to have monetary savings at or in excess of project costs over the useful life of the assessment.

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